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The CNS Monitor provides continuous EEG (cEEG) monitoring along with real-time multimodal neuromonitoring.

The CNS Monitor’s EEG features – including the EEG amplifier, displays, and quantitative EEG – are similar to a standard EEG machine, but tailored to use in neurocritical care. Users take advantage of traditional EEG features, but also benefit from seeing integrated physiology. Measurements from interfaced devices appear in real-time on displays alongside EEG, which helps the reader interpret changes in the EEG.

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CNS Monitor with EEG

Review EEG on the CNS Monitor in customizable display formats

Integrated EEG

Integrated EEG is the real-time integration of EEG and other physiology.

CNS Multimodal Monitoring

CNS Monitor display shows HR, Mean Arterial Pressure, SpO2, % Suppression, Asymmetry Index, and DSA

Research has revealed that EEG can be misread or misinterpreted by even the most well-trained and experienced clinician; however, with access to related physiologic data, the likelihood of misdiagnosis decreases. Physiology can assist in differentiating EEG artifact from clinically significant events such as seizures. Using the CNS Monitor’s multimodal displays, EEG readers may be able to quickly note correlations between EEG events and changes in brain physiology, resulting in a more comprehensive understanding of the patient’s status. The CNS Monitor also allows users to mark and view events (such as treatments, nursing care activities, and significant clinical events) further aiding in EEG interpretation.

Many activities that occur in the ICU complicate the application and interpretation of EEG. Multimodal monitoring and integrated EEG provide caregivers the most accurate view of patient status available.

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Review and Analysis

EEG and all other data collected with the CNS Monitor can be remotely reviewed and analyzed by utilizing various elements of the Component Neuromonitoring System. Particularly, CNS EEG and physiologic data can be reviewed and analyzed using CNS Envision or Persyst EEG Review Software.

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Review EEG and physiology remotely

Review CNS EEG, video, and integrated physiology with CNS Envision software