As a physician, you need comprehensive information about your patient’s neurological health to provide effective care. The CNS Monitor provides time-synchronized data to help make informed decisions.

Turning Data into Insight

Step into any ICU room and you will be greeted with a plethora of information from a range of devices. The challenge in the ICU environment is turning all that disparate data into clinical insight. With the CNS Monitor, you will be able to collect various physiological measurements and organize them on customized displays. These configurable multimodal displays show data trends over time, including time-synchronized data from different devices.

Without a tool like the CNS Monitor, many hospitals and research groups have been burdened by the task of manually integrating multimodal data. Often, this activity occurs after the patient monitoring session, offering limited benefit in patient management. The CNS Monitor offers a preferable solution with real-time data integration that can be seen and utilized at the bedside.

The Future of Neurocritical Care

Multimodal monitoring is a growing field. Those who use CNS technology will join the forefront of organizations conducting research and practicing advanced neuromonitoring. The CNS Monitor helps solve the challenges you face today while providing insight that will help you care for future patients.

The Component Neuromonitoring System’s modular design allows you to customize and expand your neuromonitoring capabilities. Device interfaces and additional parameters can be added as needed. Additional components allow remote review, advanced analytics and decision support. Continuous research and development improves and expands the Component Neuromonitoring System, making the CNS Monitor an investment in the future of neurocritical care informatics.

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