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Infants need specialized care, and the Component Neuromonitoring System was designed to deliver just that.

CNS Video

With the CNS Monitor, view aEEG, video, NIRS, temperature, and other physiology needed to assess neonatal neurological health on a single screen

Users can create custom protocols to observe measurements that are especially important for assessing the newborn brain. The CNS Monitor displays multichannel aEEG trends and integrates brain oxygen from near infrared spectrometers (NIRS), as well as temperature from cooling devices (such as Blanketrol III or Arctic Sun) when providing therapeutic hypothermia.

The CNS Monitor functions as both a simple two-channel aEEG monitor and as a full EEG machine. Thus, there is no need to use different types of monitors to meet neonatal monitoring needs.

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Moberg Multimedia, an affiliate of Moberg, also provides supplemental educational materials that can be used by clinicians and students to enhance their knowledge of neonatal neurological care.

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