The Component Neuromonitoring System (CNS) is a flexible, future-proof platform that can be expanded to fit the changing needs of your Neuro ICU.


The CNS encompasses continuous EEG collection, multimodal data integration, review, and analysis all in one platform, reducing the need for investment in costly conventional EEG machines.

Integrate your compatible patient monitoring devices with the CNS Monitor. The CNS Monitor is capable of collecting data from over 30 device interfaces. The data can be displayed, archived, and sent to your medical record system via Capsule.


The CNS can adapt to fit a number of ICU environments.


The CNS Monitor is the data hub for your Neuro ICU. Moberg is continuously developing new applications for the CNS, including cloud-based analytics tools. The CNS platform can easily be expanded over time as your ICU's needs change.


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