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Smart Neuro ICU

Personalized medicine in neurocritical care requires a new paradigm in brain monitoring. Moberg ICU Solutions, in cooperation with the United States Department of Defense, is leading an effort to revolutionize brain injury management by creating a new medical record for the brain.

Data in current medical records is too simplistic and sparse to manage a complex and dynamically changing brain after injury. What is needed is comprehensive time-synchronized data and higher order metrics that will signal changes in brain status.

CNS Monitor

Your Bedside Data Collection Hub

The CNS Monitor collects high quality time-synchronized data from over 30 ICU devices. Easily send data to the EMR through our Capsule interface, visualize your data with analytics tools, or connect to cloud applications for advanced analysis.

Unlock Advanced Cloud Applications

Use CNS CloudConnect to access your data in IBM Watson Studio and unlock an expanding number of applications including patient dashboards, machine learning, and data visualization tools. Contact us for more information.

CNS CloudConnect
CNS Envision Multimodal Data

Integrated Multimodal Data Visualization

Review data in CNS Envision for further analysis of patient status. View continuous EEG alongside time-synchronized multimodal data, display graphs that summarize adherence to physiologic thresholds, and enhance your data with plugins including decision support tools.