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Multimodal Data Integration

The Value of Moberg CNS

  1. Maximize the value of your neuromonitoring investment by synchronizing and integrating the data on one display
  2. Combine neuro data with Moberg’s built-in continuous integrated ICU EEG
  3. See what you are missing! Manage your patients in a more individualized way
Your Monitors + Our cEEG + Our Integrated Displays = Individualized Management

Your Monitors + Our cEEG + Our Integrated Displays = Individualized management

The top trace shows the rise in blood pressure following administration of a vasopressor in this TBI patient. Without time synchronized multimodal data, it is unclear whether this increase had any effect on brain physiology. The additional data provided by the CNS Monitor shows an increase in the brain oxygen and CPP as well as a change in the EEG pattern due to the vasopressor. With the CNS Monitor you can see the results of your actions on brain function.

Courtesy of Eric S. Rosenthal, MD; Massachusetts General Hospital, Department of Neurology. Used with Permission.