Contextual cEEG

CNS Monitor displaying EEG and physiology
The CNS Monitor records cEEG, video, and multimodal patient physiology.
CNS Monitor on roll stand

cEEG in the Context of the Patient

The Component Neuromonitoring System (CNS) provides continuous EEG (cEEG) and more. The CNS Advanced ICU Amplifier continuously collects high-quality EEG, which is complemented by video recorded by the CNS Video Camera. The CNS Monitor time-synchronizes and displays the cEEG and video alongside multimodal patient physiology collected from a growing list of over 30 supported devices.

Advanced Review Tools

CNS Envision showing EEG and physiology
Multimodal displays in CNS Envision allow visualization of cEEG alongside physiology.

The CNS doesn't stop there. Use CNS Envision software to review data from the CNS Monitor remotely or at the bedside. CNS Envision features highly configurable displays that can be arranged to fit your specific needs. View cEEG, video, and physiology along with charts that visualize adherence to physiologic thresholds. Annotation and pruning tools allow you to focus on areas of the data that need the most attention.