Persyst provides advanced trending, spike detection and seizure detection for live or archived CNS Monitor recordings. Combining Persyst with the CNS Monitor offers powerful support for clinicians to monitor and interpret long-term EEG studies.


Review continuous EEG with third-party software: Persyst

Process and review continuous EEG with advanced trending features.

Comprehensive solution for EEG review

  • Records are processed as they are being acquired, with trends and detections updated in real time*
  • Synchronized and fast review of EEG, trends, and video using configurable displays**
  • Automated seizure and spike detection with expert-level performance
  • Automated artifact reduction
  • Persyst supports a variety of data formats from many EEG manufacturers, enabling you to use one review program for recordings from the CNS Monitor and from other EEG monitoring equipment at your hospital

Persyst is developed by:


Persyst Development Corporation
3177 Clearwater Drive
Prescott, AZ 86305

* Preprocessing requires Persyst ICU Continuous Monitoring and a CNS Application PC for each CNS Monitor.
** Remote EEG review requires Persyst Review for Server.