Supported Devices

Philips IntelliVue

Philips IntelliVue®

Model(s): MP 20-90 and MX series

Note: Requires either the MIB/RS232 Interface (J13) or the Advanced System Interface (J40)

Manufacturer: Philips Medical Systems


Numerics and Waveforms: ABP, Ao, ART, BAP, CVP, FAP, IC1, IC2, ICP, LAP, P, P1, P2, P3, P4, PAP, RAP, UAP, UVP

Numerics only: BIS, BIS SQI, BIS EMG, BIS PWR, BIS SEF, BIS SR, CCI, CCO, CFI, CI, CO, CPP, ELWI, EtCO2, EVLW, GEDI, GEDV, HR, ITBI, ITBV, NBP, PPV, rSO2, RR, SpO2, SV, SVI, SVR, SVRI, SVV, Temperatures (T1, T2, T3, T4, Tart, Tblood, Tcereb, Tcore, Temp, Tesop, Tnaso, Trect, Tskin, Ttymp, Tven, Tvesic)

Waveforms only: CO2, ECG, Pleth, RESP

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