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Supported Devices

Take advantage of the most extensive list of direct device integration for multimodal neuromonitoring. CNS Device Interfaces provide accurate, secure, high-quality medical data. New device interfaces become available regularly based on customer input. Please contact us if you have a device connectivity request.

Moberg Acquisition Devices

The following devices are components of the Moberg CNS Monitor that directly acquire data.

*PTZ-300 only available in the US.

External Devices

The CNS Monitor collects and integrates data from the following external devices.

Patient Monitor Interfaces

Draeger Infinity

Draeger Infinity®

Delta, IACS



B650, B850

GE Solar

GE Solar

8000M, 8000i, Dash®

Philips IntelliVue

Philips IntelliVue

MP 20-90 and MX series

Requires either the MIB/RS232 Interface (J13) or the Advanced System Interface (J40).

Philips CMS

Philips CMS


M1205A V24 and V26

Requires RS-232 option.

Spacelabs Patient Monitor

Spacelabs Patient Monitor

Qube, Xprezzon, Ultraview

Requires PDL option.

ICP & Brain Oxygen

Natus Camino

Natus Camino®

CAM01, MPM-1



MC-2000 Series, ELITE

Covidien INVOS

Covidien INVOS®

5100B, 5100C

Cerebral Blood Flow



Temperature Management


Pulsion PiCCO2

Pulsion PiCCO2

PulsioFlex is not supported.


Depth of Anesthesia

Covidien BIS Monitor

Covidien BIS Monitor

A-2000, View, Vista

Device Interfaces for Investigational/Research Use

The following CNS Device Interfaces are investigational or supported only for use within IRB-approved research.

Don't see your device listed?

Please contact us to discuss the development of new device interfaces.

Also, data from many devices not on this list can still be collected indirectly by the CNS Monitor via your vital signs monitor. If a device already connects to your vital signs monitor and its measurements are assigned to a label supported by the corresponding CNS Device Interface, then those measurements can be collected by the CNS Monitor.

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