CNS Envision*

CNS Envision, formerly known as CNS Reader, enables the remote review and annotation of CNS EEG and other physiologic data. Advanced tools and multimodal displays support efficient interpretation of patient data.

CNS Envision

Integrated multimodal data comes to you

Support efficient interpretation of patient data. Remotely review and annotate CNS Monitor cEEG and multimodal physiology.

Efficient remote review and annotation

CNS Envision with charts
  • Support timely decisions with efficient review and annotation of CNS Monitor cEEG, video, and multimodal data
  • Flexible multimodal displays support complex data interpretation
  • Review raw data, processed EEG, and multimodal trends and waveforms
  • Annotate with a convenient library of American Clinical Neurophysiology Society (ACNS) terminologies
  • Remotely review data from a CNS Monitor or from an archive of previously recorded data
  • Rapidly prune neurophysiologic and video data for simplified archiving and storage

* The clinical version of CNS Envision is currently only available in the US.
Outside of the US, CNS Envision may be used only for research purposes under IRB-approved study protocols and it may not be used for the diagnosis of any patient.