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CNS Advanced ICU Amplifier

CNS Advanced ICU Amplifier

High-quality Continuous ICU Monitoring

Designed specifically for the ICU, this DC-Coupled amplifier enables continuous EEG recording and processing of a standard 10-20 montage. Collect high-quality EEG for clinical and advanced research applications.

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  • Versatile DC-Coupled amplifier with fast settling time, high dynamic range and high common mode rejection ratio for high-quality, continuous ICU monitoring
  • 33 DC-Coupled referential inputs
    • 24 inputs for scalp electrodes (including reference)
    • 9 inputs for additional channels or emerging applications (including reference)
  • Four dedicated true-differential inputs for EEG or other physiological signals (e.g. ECG, EOG, EMG, Respiration, etc.)
  • Up to 2,048 Hz sample rate for each input*
  • Continuous independent impedance checking to verify electrode connection integrity (can be disabled by user)
  • Selectable sampling rates for recording high frequency EEG on all channels synchronously*
Processed EEG

View continuous, processed EEG at the bedside or remotely.


Physical Specifications

  • 10.8 cm x 15.4 cm x 5.7 cm (4.26" x 6.08" x 2.25") W x L x H
  • ~ 0.36 kg (0.8 lbs.)

Interface Cable

  • USB electrical interfacing using a locking medical grade connector
  • Cable Length: 6.1 meters (20 feet)

Electrode Connections

  • 43 Touchproof (DIN 42-802) safety connections

Amplifier Inputs

  • 24 dedicated, DC-Coupled referential EEG electrode inputs
  • 9 dedicated, DC-Coupled inputs for additional EEG signals or emerging applications (with dedicated reference input)
  • 4 dedicated, true-differential input pairs for EEG, ECG, EOG, EMG, Respiration, etc.
  • 2 ground electrode inputs (common for scalp, differential and auxiliary)
  • Selectable continuous impedance testing when the EEG Amplifier is connected to the Monitoring System’s computer.  Measurement is accurate to 1 kΩ or 20%, whichever is greater.  (Note: The impedance test signal can be turned off by the user.)

Electrical Specifications

  • Input Impedance: >10 MΩ
  • Coupling:
    • All inputs are DC-coupled through the entire signal chain to allow capture of low frequency data down to 0 Hz
  • CMRR: >80 dB with a 5kΩ impedance imbalance
  • Noise: Less than 3 μV p-p
  • Inter-channel Cross Talk: Less than 0.10% (-80db)
  • Gain: 10
  • Bandwidth: DC to Fs/4 Hz
  • Sampling Rate: Selectable 512, 1024*, or 2048* Hz (same rate on all inputs)
  • Referential Input DC offset nulling range of +/- 500mV in 240 μV steps
  • Input Range: 900 mV p-p full scale
  • A/D Conversion: 24 bit (LSB = 53.6 nV at input)

* Available in a future update.
Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.