Ambler, PA - July 31, 2018 - Moberg ICU Solutions has released a software update for the CNS Monitor that adds support for four new device interfaces along with a number of other features and improvements.

Software version A.14.14 introduces support for the following devices:

Natus Camino CAM02

Natus Camino® CAM02

Integra Licox LCX02

Integra Licox® LCX02

Nonin SenSmart X-100

Nonin SenSmart X-100

Raumedic DataLogger MPR2 logO

Raumedic® DataLogger MPR2 logO

See the full list of Device Interfaces.

Many new features are included in this release. Support for the CNS Application PC, a small PC that mounts to the back of the CNS Monitor, brings automatic Persyst trend processing with greatly improved reliability. New archiving modes, including segmented and continuous archiving, allow remote reviewers to see more up-to-date information. USB keyboard support allows bedside users to enter annotations more efficiently. NTP and time zone support bring accurate system times and automatic compensation for Daylight Savings Time.

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Your feedback is important to the development of the CNS Monitor. New device interfaces and features are regularly added based on customer feedback. Contact us with your suggestions.