Ambler, PA - January 31, 2018 - Moberg Research, Inc. was founded 20 years ago in January of 1998. After years of support from our early adopters as well as the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense, we now have the premier product for integrating data in neurocritical care. Since our inception we have continued to meet the challenges of comprehensive data integration and now we are considered the multimodal partner of choice by leading neurological centers around the world.

We are particularly proud of our advances in continuous video EEG, having developed the only EEG product specifically targeted to the ICU. We have extensive quantitative EEG, remote review and annotation capabilities, and we are fully compatible with Persyst. We are the recommended platform for recording spreading depolarizations, one of the hottest topics in brain injury physiology. In addition, our CNS Reader software is one of the most flexible and open data viewers of its kind.

The most rewarding aspect for all of us at the company has been to see proof of the difference we make: our customers often share with us examples of cases where the data only our system can provide has changed the way they manage their patients. We take pride that our work over the past 20 years, together with that of our customers, is truly transforming neurocritical care.

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