Ambler, PA - May 15, 2015 - On Saturday, May 9, 2015, the President of Moberg ICU Solutions, Dick Moberg, attended the 3rd Annual Benefit for One Mind Philly at the Union League in Philadelphia. Moberg ICU Solutions and One Mind share the goal of facilitating improved traumatic brain injury treatment and research.

Moberg ICU Solutions and One Mind discovered the opportunity for a collaborative relationship when members of each organization met at the International Neurotrauma Society Meeting in 2014 in Budapest.  Both organizations were involved in the initial stages of CENTER-TBI, an international research trial which aims to improve care of patients with Traumatic Brain Injury.

Moberg ICU Solutions develops technology and medical devices to help optimize acute neurological care and improve patient safety. The company produces advanced neurological monitors which are currently being used by 10 hospitals participating in the CENTER-TBI trial.

One Mind is catalyzing collaboration between international research centers of excellence, industry, and government to accelerate the translation of basic science into breakthrough diagnostics and improved treatments for PTS and TBI. The brain is the most complex and least understood organ in the human body. Brain disease, brain injury, and mental illness represent one of the greatest global disease burdens worldwide in terms of human suffering and economic cost.

OneMindPhilly2015 organizers

One Mind Philly organizers Michael and Jeanne Dechiario kick off the night mingling with One Mind CEO, General Peter Chiarelli (Ret.) and his wife, Beth Chiarelli. From left to right: Michael Dechiario, Beth Chiarelli, General Peter Chiarelli (Ret.), Jeanne Dechiario

OneMindPhilly2015 guests

Guests pose for a quick photo before dinner at the Union League of Philadelphia.

One Mind Philly is the first regional effort of One Mind. The May 9th event celebrated scientific triumphs in brain research and raised funds to support continuing efforts.  The Scientific Program featured Dr. Vikaas Sohal, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at UCSF. Dr. Sohal's research seeks to elucidate how abnormalities in the brain's electrical rhythms might lead to symptoms of schizophrenia and autism, suggesting potential therapeutic avenues. The evening included a wine reception, four-course dinner, entertainment, and a silent auction.

Moberg ICU Solutions (Moberg Research, Inc.) is a privately owned medical device manufacturing company specializing in neurological patient monitoring and information systems solutions for acute care. Moberg Research is building the Smart Neuro ICU to improve neurological patient care. The Smart Neuro ICU provides integrated medical information to support precision medicine, patient safety, and advanced treatment research. For more information visit

One Mind
 is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to benefiting all affected by brain illness and injury through fostering fundamental changes that will radically accelerate the development and implementation of improved diagnostics, treatments, and cures; while eliminating the stigma. One Mind believes in open science principles and creates global public-private partnerships between governmental, corporate, scientific, and philanthropic communities. Visit us at or follow us via TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn.