Ambler, PA – January 19, 2015 – This month, Moberg (, a medical device manufacturer located near Philadelphia, will present its Smart Neuro ICU project at Drexel University to inspire researchers to join its mission to improve care for brain injury patients.

Brain Injury Is a Global Killer

The human brain amazes us in its capabilities, but its complexity has frustrated progress in the treatment of neurological disease. Brain injury remains the leading cause of death and disability worldwide (International Brain Injury Association).  Over the past 30 years, clinical research has largely failed to identify a drug or treatment that can improve outcomes for brain injury patients.

Smart Neuro ICU Aims to Improve Patient Outcomes

Moberg aims to help improve care for brain injury patients by creating the first Smart Neuro ICU. This new intensive care unit will provide better data to caregivers through the use of intelligent, interconnected devices and sensors. Funded by the Department of Defense, Moberg is creating the information infrastructure for the ICU. The Smart Neuro ICU will support caregivers’ abilities to make critical decisions about treatment for brain injury patients. Improved data will also allow more targeted clinical research trials, encouraging more rapid medical innovation.

Moberg Inspires Collaboration and Innovation

Moberg’s progress is inspiring universities, software developers, and medical device manufacturers to contribute technology and apps for the Smart Neuro ICU. On January 23, 2015, President Dick Moberg will present the benefits and challenges of the Smart Neuro ICU project during a Drexel School of Biomedical Engineering seminar. This public seminar takes place at 4:00 pm in the Papadakis Integrated Sciences Building.

Moberg (Moberg Research, Inc.) is a privately owned medical device manufacturing company specializing in neurological patient monitoring solutions for acute care. Moberg Research was founded in 1998 and is located in Ambler, PA in the greater Philadelphia area. For more information visit