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2015 News Archive

EMRs Blocking Healthcare Information

Ambler, PA – April 27, 2015 – While designed to aid healthcare professionals, the limitations of Electronic Medical Records (EMR) may occasionally hinder care, potentially putting patients at risk. So-called “information blocking,” which prevents caregivers from gaining timely access to patients’ electronic health records, has become a major concern of the U.S. government and the healthcare IT industry.

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First “Smart Neuro ICU” Promises Improved Patient Care

Ambler, PA – March 16, 2015 – Advanced medical technology called a “Smart Neuro ICU” promises improved quality of care for patients with neurological injuries. The first Smart Neuro ICU is currently under development at the University Hospital Zurich, where a team of doctors and scientists just gave the initial demonstration of their groundbreaking work.

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