Ambler, PA – November 1, 2014 – At IBM Insight 2014 - the world's largest Big Data conference - healthcare professionals described how Moberg neurological monitors and IBM analytics tools can be used together to improve care for neurocritical care patients.

insight-2014Speakers from Cork Univesity Hospital and Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center traveled to Las Vegas in October to present innovative projects.  Each described a decision support tool which uses IBM's Big Data engines to analyze physiological data collected by the Moberg CNS Monitor.

The Moberg monitor provides a rich data set, ideal for advanced analytics. The CNS Monitor integrates EEG and multimodal physiologic monitoring in real time. 

Dr. Paul Vespa and his colleagues at UCLA have identified many opportunities for Big Data analytics to improve clinical decision making. In particular, they hope to correlate patterns in brain electrical activity with changes in other neurophysiology to provide insight for prognosis and treatment options. The CNS Monitor is integral to the project since it tightly integrates all the required physiological data.

Babylink web

A team at Cork University Hospital, including Dr. Cillian O’Driscoll and Dr. Geraldine Boylan, has developed an algorithm for real-time neonatal seizure detection, called Babylink. Seizure detection in newborns requires highly specialized training, and currently, there is no alarm system to assist caregivers. Babylink will automatically detect seizures 24/7 throughout an entire neonatal ICU. IBM InfoSphere Streams will process CNS Monitor EEG data and send alarms to inform clinical decisions.

Additional applications for Big Data in the neuro ICU will emerge from other research groups. University Hospital Zurich’s team, led by Dr. Emanuela Keller, is using the CNS Monitor and IBM InfoSphere Streams to create a decision support dashboard for the ICU. The proposed dashboard would display both current and historical patient data. Predictive algorithms will detect dangerous clinical conditions, like seizures, before they even occur.

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