In June 2012, Thomas Jefferson University took delivery of eight CNS Monitors. Once installation is complete, Jefferson will have the largest network of these advanced brain monitoring systems on the East Coast. The mobile CNS Monitors will be used in the neuro ICU to monitor and view EEG data alongside measurements from their Philips Intellivue and Integra Licox monitors.The CNS Monitors are the first installment of Jefferson's customized Component Neuromonitoring System, a collection of technologies that provide multimodal monitoring for neurocritical care. Integrated data from the CNS Monitors will be reviewed remotely using Persyst software and saved to a server so the information can be used in research projects.

Drs. Rodney Bell and Jack Jallo were among the proponents of implementing a multimodal monitoring system at Jefferson. They hope to enhance the care of their patients using multimodal monitoring to provide a more comprehensive view of brain health. The doctors coordinated with intensivists, nurses, IT, and biomed to prepare for the new equipment. CNS Technology looks forward to implementing the Component Neuromonitoring System at Jefferson and working alongside the staff to continue to enhance patient care.

This story will continue with updates on the Component Neuromonitoring System at Jefferson in editions of The Neuroscience Monitor and on the CNS Technology website.