CNS Technology's co-founder Dick Moberg attended the ICU of the Future meeting at UCLA in January.

The meeting highlighted current challenges in neurocritical care and discussed what the future might hold for the burgeoning discipline. The group identified data integration in the neuro ICU as a major obstacle, which is the specific problem addressed by the CNS Monitor. Dr. Paul Vespa, the course director, showed recordings from some of Mr. Moberg's pioneering products from the 1980s and 1990s. Dr. Tom Bleck noted Mr. Moberg's consistent contributions to the advancement of neurological monitoring. We were honored that our work in this field was acknowledged. Later in the event, the CNS Monitor was featured in a workshop in which the monitor's EEG features were utilized to show a status epilepticus case study for participants to interpret and discuss. As we have in the past, we will continue to provide solutions to the types of challenges that need to be addressed to build your ICU of the Future.

Later in the month, we were pleased to attend the Hot Topics in Neurocritical Care meeting at Jefferson University in our hometown of Philadelphia. The first annual meeting of its kind at Jefferson featured guest speakers including Dr. Kiwon Lee and Dr. Andrew Naidech, along with our local friends,  Dr. Jack Jallo and Dr. Rodney Bell. The program focused on recent "hot topics" - controversial subjects - within Neurocritical Care. This first symposium was extremely successful with twice the expected number of registrants. We will keep you informed about plans for next year's meeting.