Jan. 26-27, 2018: Philadelphia

Thomas Jefferson University’s 7th Annual Neurocritical Care Symposium: Current Hot Topics explores topics in neurointensive care. Experts discuss and deliberate the value of ICP monitoring, brain death, seizures in critical care patients, targeted temperature management, and other topics.

For meeting information, please visit: 7th Annual Neurocritical Care Symposium

Multimodal Monitoring & cEEG for Neurocritical Care

Moberg ICU Solutions is proud to support Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and to continuously improve the CNS Monitor, which solves EEG and multimodal monitoring needs in the Neuroscience ICU. The CNS Monitor collects and time-synchronizes EEG, processed EEG, video and other physiology for display at the bedside. Multimodal monitoring provides more comprehensive information about the patient and can assist with clinical decision making to improve outcomes.

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