Mar. 16-17, 2017: Miami

The 7th Annual Therapeutic Hypothermia and Temperature Management meeting will focus on the importance of temperature management and therapeutic hypothermia, which has been a subject of ongoing experimental and clinical investigations in different fields of patient care. While mild to moderate levels of hypothermia protect and promote functional outcome in experimental and clinical studies, mild levels of hyperthermia may worsen the outcome in some patient populations. Although there has been some success in translating positive results from the bench to the bedside, there is a need to continue to discuss with thought leaders when therapeutic hypothermia may be most appropriate to utilize in a patient population and under what conditions would temperature management be recommended.

The purpose of this meeting “Therapeutic Hypothermia and Temperature Management: Current and Future Directions” will be to gather leading scientists and clinicians in the field of therapeutic hypothermia and temperature management. A series of lectures by authorities in this field as well as round table discussions will be organized around a two-day meeting, allowing attendees interested in this topic to discuss the various obstacles that are ahead as temperature is utilized as a treatment paradigm in clinical situations.

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For meeting information, please visit: Therapeutic Hypothermia