May 12-14, 2016: Orlando

The Mayo Clinic Neuro and Intensive Critical Care Review and Hands-On Workshops is designed for medical providers who care for patients with neurological emergencies, acute stroke and brain hemorrhage, acute brain injury, coma, and disorders that require hospital, emergency department, or Intensive Care Unit evaluation. The course will provide a mixture of didactic, case-based and evidence based guideline review, as well as hands on workshops. These hands on workshops include central line placement, critical care ultrasound including Focus exam, focused cardiac and lung ultrasound, transcranial Doppler ultrasound, intracranial bolt placement, hypothermia and targeted temperature management, mechanical ventilation, and multimodal monitoring case review.

In Orlando, you can see a demonstration of the CNS Monitor’s real-time multimodal monitoring and continuous EEG capabilities. The monitor can collect and time-synchronize measurements from over 25 devices alongside EEG trends and patient video.

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For meeting information, please visit: Neuro and Intensive Critical Care: Review & Hands-On Workshops.