Feb. 10-14, 2016: Orlando

The Annual Meeting and Courses of the American Clinical Neurophysiology Society features lectures, panels and debates moderated by the world's leading experts in the field of clinical neurophysiology.

For meeting information, please visit: ACNS Annual Meeting and Courses

Continuous ICU EEG and Quantitative EEG

At the ACNS Annual Meeting and Courses, Moberg Research will display the CNS Monitor, a specialized platform for continuous ICU EEG along with real-time multimodal neuromonitoring. Through the integration of traditional EEG features and trends with other neurophysiological measurements, the CNS Monitor supports comprehensive diagnosis and treatment decisions. Moberg Research will also exhibit new software that allows you to annotate EEG following the standardized ACNS nomenclature. Take advantage of flexible data displays and annotation options to view integrated high quality EEG waveforms and trends, patient video, and other data.

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