Oct. 29-30, 2015: Boston

The Connected Health Symposium promotes innovation in the application of personal consumer health technologies and new models of care delivery. Thought leaders convene to discuss trends, opportunities, and challenges in the rapidly growing connected health marketplace.

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Medical Device Connectivity Challenges

Medical device connectivity challenges are a significant barrier to the advancement of connected healthcare technology. Moberg ICU solutions recently prepared the first analysis of medical device connectivity in neurocritical care. During an analysis of communication protocols from 24 devices, the team observed an unexpected degree of deviation from the anticipated behaviors. These findings underscore the lack of an accepted standard for communications, as well as the difficulty of creating the seamless connection to devices that we all desire.

Moberg ICU Solutions contributes to research and development into medical device connectivity standards and solutions. The company collaborates with organizations working to establish communications standards and develops technologies that solve healthcare informatics challenges.

Detailed results of the analysis will be published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) proceedings as: Rodriguez A., Ramsey M., Kohne M., Moberg D., “Review of medical device connectivity in neurocritical care.”

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