Sep. 10-11, 2015: Elsinore, Denmark

The Cooperative Study on Brain Injury Depolarization (COSBID) is an international cooperation of clinical and basic neuroscientists working in various participating centers in Europe and America. This year, the 17th Annual COSBID Meeting in Elsinore will explore the mechanism of brain injury depolarization with presentations from distinguished investigators and clinicians.

Meeting Information: COSBID 2015

The Monitor Recommended for COSBID Research

COSBID researchers use the Moberg CNS Monitor to record and display spreading depolarizations (SD). Moberg ICU Solutions provides a specialized research EEG amplifier and customized multimodal displays to support COSBID’s unique neuromonitoring needs.  

Visit the Moberg ICU Solutions exhibit to learn about the EEG and multimodal monitoring capabilities of the CNS Monitor.

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