Sep. 10-11, 2015: White Plains, NY

The Clinical Application of Cerebral Microdialysis and Multimodality Monitoring in Brain Injury symposium will be held at Westchester Medical Center (WMC) on September 10-11, 2015. This symposium will help those caring for patients with severe brain injury gain familiarity with advanced ICU monitoring techniques. Clinical application of new technologies, interventions, and monitoring parameters may help minimize and reduce the incidence of secondary injury.

For meeting information, please visit: Clinical Application of Microdialysis and Multimodality Monitoring

State-of-the-Art Neuromonitoring at Westchester Medical Center

WMC uses the Moberg CNS Monitor’s state-of-the-art to support clinical decision making and high-quality patient care. CNS Monitors integrate and display multimodal neurological parameters, including EEG, in the WMC neuroscience and trauma ICUs. In the new Neuro Intensive Care Unit, CNS Monitors are standard-of-care at every bedside. To learn more about the CNS Monitor, please speak with a Moberg ICU Solutions representative.

See a demonstration of the Moberg CNS Monitor in the exhibit hall.

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