Jul. 30-Aug. 1, 2015: Weston, FL

ASET is the premier professional organization in the neurodiagnostic field. Its annual conference provides attendees with the latest trends in neurodiagnostics including updates on ICU EEG monitoring. The program includes hands-on training workshops and opportunities for professional development and growth.

Meeting information: ASET Annual Conference

Continuous ICU EEG & Integrated Multimodal Physiology

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The Moberg CNS Monitor provides continuous ICU EEG, processed EEG, patient video, and time-synchronized multimodal physiology. State-of-the-art, time-synchronized multimodal displays support rapid decision making at the bedside and remotely. View correlations between EEG and other measurements including vital signs, ICP, brain oxygen, cerebral blood flow, and more.

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