Jan. 24, 2014: Philadelphia

Held at Jefferson Hospital, the 3rd Annual Neurocritical Care Symposium is centered on clinical cases regarding issues in neurointensive care, particularly those that generate practical controversy, presented by a multidisciplinary team of medical experts. This seminar offers participants a unique opportunity to observe experts as they deliberate how they would manage critically-ill neurological patients according to the latest research and advancements in various specialized fields.

Moberg is proud to partner with Jefferson Hospital and provide CNS Monitors which fulfill EEG and multimodal monitoring needs in its Neuroscience ICU. The CNS Monitor collects and time-synchronizes EEG, processed EEG, video and other physiology for display at the bedside. Multimodal monitoring provides more comprehensive information about the patient and can assist with clinical decision making to improve outcomes.

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For meeting information, please visit: Neurocritical Care Symposium