Feb. 7-9, 2013: Miami

The American Clinical Neurophysiology Society’s (ACNS) Annual Meeting is designed to provide attendees with insights into scientific advances in clinical neurophysiology. This years meeting, located in Miami, FL, covered a variety of neurophysiological topics, such as advanced epilepsy & EEG, neuromuscular disease, and neurophysiological intraoperative monitoring.

Moberg Research exhibited the EEG capabilities of the CNS Monitor, in addition to new software that allows users to annotate EEG with labels outlined in recent ACNS guidelines.

At ACNS, Dick Moberg was joined by Denise L. Bates, R.EP T., CNIM, MBA, a representative from Neuromonitoring Technologies, Inc. (NMT), which offers continuous EEG reading services for the ICU. NMT can assist CNS Monitor users by providing continuous “eyes-on” EEG scanning. With the CNS Monitor, NMT’s highly experienced clinical specialists benefit from integrated physiology, such as MAP, cerebral perfusion, brain tissue oxygen (PbtO2), ICP, SpO2 and CPP.

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For meeting information, please visit: American Clinical Neurophysiology Society