Oct. 4-7, 2012: Neurocritical Care Society (Denver)

At the Neurocritical Care Society’s annual meeting in Denver, Colorado, Moberg Research shared its vision for the future of neurocritical care. Over the past ten years, the NCS meeting has become a focal point in the emerging industry of neurocritical care by gathering the greatest minds in the field, displaying new technologies, and hosting seminars and workshops to educate clinicians and researchers.

This year, two workshops, Intracranial Monitoring and Critical Care Electroencephalography, featured the CNS Monitor, which provides continuous EEG and multimodal neuromonitoring. At the meeting, Moberg Research unveiled enhancements to the Component Neuromonitoring System (CNS), the family of interoperable components that includes the CNS Monitor.

The conference theme, “Realizing the Vision,” reviewed improvements and technological advancements over the past decade in order to envision the field’s future trajectory. Moberg Research contributed to this theme by exhibiting its completely integrated neuromonitoring system, including EEG and multimodal monitoring, data driven guidelines, NINDS common data elements, and decision support tools. The Component Neuromonitoring System was designed to revolutionize the field of neuro-informatics.

By displaying a replica of an ICU wall outfitted with CNS Technology components, along with stations highlighting the system’s key features, Moberg Research showed attendees how its technological achievements complement the goal of "Realizing the Vision."

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