May 18-19, 2012: Second Neurocritical Care Research Conference (Houston)

Moberg Research traveled to Houston for the Second Neurocritical Care Research Conference on May 18-20, 2012. The meeting gathered together neurocritical care thought-leaders who delivered talks on the challenges and opportunities in the future of the field.

Moberg Research’s founder, Dick Moberg, spoke on Integrating Multiple Monitors in a User-Friendly Format and addressed the need for data integration in the ICU setting. He referenced decades of research, the efforts of which have culminated in the commercial product, the CNS Monitor.

Moberg Research also demonstrated research being conducted on automating clinical care paths. The goal is to use the patient's context derived from multimodal data to drive the protocols. This project is sponsored by the U.S. Army as part of a larger effort to develop a unified data environment around the patient.

The system will be demonstrated at other future meetings and representatives will be available to answer any questions. We welcome collaboration with interested clinicians.

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