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Dick Moberg, Founder and CEO

Dick Moberg

Dick has been a leading force in the neurological monitoring industry for over 30 years. As a recent engineering graduate in the 1970's, Dick worked for a neurosurgeon, performing intraoperative neurological monitoring as well as research on neurological injury. This background and the chance meeting of Gary Trapuzzano, current VP of Engineering and Manufacturing, led to the development of the first low-cost EEG and evoked potentials monitor, the Neurotrac, in 1982.Over subsequent years, Dick formed two successive start-up companies that developed next-generation neurological monitoring products, the latest being Moberg ICU Solutions. These developments were funded through sales of research systems, profits, and grants from the National Institutes of Health as well as the Department of Defense. Dick continues his activities in developing future technology in neuromonitoring and informatics. He speaks frequently at scientific events, collaborates with multiple universities and industry partners, and is the author of several book chapters on this new topic.



Gary Trapuzzano, Vice President of Engineering and Manufacturing

Gary Trapuzzano

Gary joined Moberg ICU Solutions in 2001 to lead the engineering group, thus re-creating the partnership that led to the development of the original Neurotrac. His extensive range of skills and experience has been key to the successful development of our multimodal neuromonitoring platform. Gary was instrumental in obtaining CE mark and FDA clearances for Moberg ICU Solutions' EEG and multimodal neuromonitor, the Component Neuromonitoring System (CNS Monitor). In addition to developing the original Neurotrac with Dick in the early 1980's, he also designed systems for ECG and cardiac Doppler ultrasound while at Interspec (the start-up company where he and Dick Moberg met). Gary also worked for GE Aerospace and, for twelve years, led the engineering team at ENSONIQ Corp. As one of ENSONIQ's early employees, Gary's engineering acumen and leadership was instrumental in the growth of ENSONIQ from a start-up company to a worldwide leader in electronic music technology.



Cheryl McDonald, Vice President of Sales

Cheryl McDonald

Cheryl is a skilled executive sales manager with proven success at start-up life sciences companies. Cheryl has directed sales teams for 25 years, with extensive experience selling critical care monitoring products. Cheryl leads business development activities to increase market presence of Moberg ICU Solutions' EEG and multimodal neuromonitor, the CNS Monitor. She achieves revenue goals by applying effective sales processes, strategically managing accounts, and nurturing business partnerships and distributor relationships. Under her leadership, companies have successfully secured national contracts, nurtured flagship accounts, and maximized customer loyalty and value. Most relevant, Cheryl propelled depth of anesthesia monitor and disposable sales at Aspect Medical from $10 million annually to $70 million annually before the company was acquired by Covidien. Earlier in her career, Cheryl spent 10 years at Baxter Healthcare. From there she was one of the first sales executives hired at Pyxis Corporation who went on to a successful IPO in 2000 and later was acquired by Cardinal Health for $980 million.



Anna Rodriguez, Director of Research

Anna Rodriguez

Anna holds a Ph.D. degree in Biomedical Engineering from Drexel University, with special focus on multimodal signal processing and medical devices. She has investigated the neurological underpinnings of cognitive performance differences between healthy subjects and traumatic brain injury patients. Anna was a research assistant professor with the School of Biomedical Engineering at Drexel University, during which time she engaged in creating solutions that would directly benefit patients by applying a translational approach to her research. She joined Moberg ICU Solutions in 2014; as part of her responsibilities, she manages collaborations with research centers and private partners for the advancement of multimodal data integration for clinical use within intensive care units.