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Moberg Research is a privately owned medical device manufacturing company specializing in neurological patient monitoring solutions for acute care. Moberg Research was founded in 1998 and is located in Ambler, PA in the greater Philadelphia area.

Moberg Research is a unique collection of highly talented engineers, artists, and business persons some of whom were involved with the original Neurotrac 30 years ago. The staff brings together a diverse set of skills. Employees have designed satellite systems, worked on feature film animations in Hollywood; they have designed advanced architectures for commercial music synthesizers; they have designed, built, and sold patient monitors; and have taught university courses in graphics and computer technology.

The Company is on the forefront of integrated neuromonitoring and in developing core technology for a new architecture for patient information at the bedside. The Company collaborates with other research organizations and consortia. The Company receives funding from NIH and the Department of Defense to further research its ideas. The Company mission is to develop a comprehensive, integrated, information architecture for the bedside…one component at a time…to create the Component Neuromonitoring System.

Moberg Multimedia, the education/entertainment division formed at the start of the company, continues to produce educational aids for medical devices as well as marketing and promotional pieces. This group brings together a combined 50 man-years of experience in 3-D animation, computer graphics, video, educational course production, and electronic instrument design. In addition to work for clients, the company produces a series of software-based interactive courses available on Amazon or from distributors.