There's still time to sign up for this Friday's CNS webinar. We also have a new Brain Matters webinar scheduled.

We hope to see you at the SCCM meeting in San Diego next week. Stop by booth #1425 to say hello and see our latest innovations.
Get to Know Your CNS Monitor:
Basics and Beyond
Please join Kathi Salley Randall and Tracey Berlin, our neonatal and adult Nurse Clinical Specialists, for the fourth web session in this series.

These sessions are designed for the bedside CNS Monitor user, nurses and other "super-user" providers. They begin with a brief demonstration of an often under-utilized feature on the CNS Monitor followed by an open forum and Q&A with participants.
Join Kathi and Tracey for this week's webinar.
Topics for this session will include editing and creating protocols.

Friday, February 15, 2019
2:00 pm EST (US)
Brain Matters March Webinar
Spreading Depolarizations in the Injured Human Brain: Characterization, Clinical Significance and Implications for Neuromonitoring
Next on Brain Matters, Sharon Jewell, MRC Clinical Research Fellow at King's College London, department of Basic and Clinical Neuroscience and Imperial College London, department of Bioengineering, will be discussing what Spreading Depolarizations (SD) are, how we record them and why they are clinically relevant in the context of human brain injury. We will be covering the electrical characteristics of SDs, the blood flow response and the complex interactions that SDs share with other, established secondary insults. We will also touch upon their discovery and historical aspects of SDs important for our current and future understanding.   
Society of Critical Care Medicine's 48th Critical Care Congress
February 17-20, 2019: San Diego, CA
Visit Moberg at booth #1425 to learn how the CNS Monitor collects and displays time-synchronized EEG alongside patient physiology.

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