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Welcome to 2018!
All of us at Moberg wish you a fun and fulfilling New Year.  

The Revolution is Our Resolution
Our resolution for the New Year is to continue supporting the revolution we are seeing in brain monitoring. As part of this effort, we are revamping how we keep you informed about our latest innovations by increasing our digital content and outreach about people, projects, publications, events, technology, and learning opportunities in neurocritical care monitoring. We finally retired the print ad on the back cover of the Journal of Neurocritical Care, which we had since the journal started well over a decade ago. In its place you will see our cutting-edge monthly webinars, YouTube videos, blogs, newsletters, and more.

Brain Matters: Our New Monthly Webinars
We are producing a series of monthly webinars, each about 45 minutes long and featuring a short talk by one of your peers in neuromonitoring, as well as updates on publications, events, and new applications. Each month we will feature one of our technology partners to show the benefits of multimodal monitoring.  
January Webinar
We are pleased to announce that our first webinar of the series will be on neonatal brain monitoring, featuring Kathi Salley Randall, RN, MSN, CNS, NNP-BC. Kathi is internationally known in this field as an expert educator and practicing neonatal nurse. Our webinar will keep you up to date on the newest information and technology in neonatal monitoring through publications, our panelist, and applications. Please pass this on to anyone else interested at your institution.
Date: Jan 12th, 2018 - 2PM (EST)
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7th Annual Neurocritical Care Symposium: Current Hot Topics
Jan. 26-27, 2018: Philadelphia, PA

Critical Care of the Future: Controversies and Research in Critical Care
Feb. 1-2, 2018: Los Angeles, CA
The One Conference
Feb. 4-6, 2018: San Diego, CA
Workshop NeuroIntensive Medicine 
ANIM 2018

Feb. 8-10, 2018: Würzburg, Germany
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