Report from the 14th Annual NCS Meeting
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Highlights From the NCS Meeting

Cheryl McDonald, our VP of Sales & Marketing, and Dick Moberg, our President,
want to thank everyone who stopped by our booth at the 14th Annual Meeting of
the Neurocritical Care Society.


We introduced new products.


The CNS 300 Monitor


  • 22" wide screen display
  • High resolution 1920 x 1080
  • Optional expansion to eight isolated RS-232 ports (up to 9 total)


The CNS Advanced ICU Amplifier


Designed specifically for the ICU, this DC-Coupled amplifier enables continuous EEG recording and processing of a standard 10-20 montage.

The amplifier was also designed for advanced research applications. Nine auxiliary, DC-Coupled referential inputs can be used for additional EEG channels or emerging applications.  

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New Interfaces

Report from the 2nd Working Group on Neurocritical Care Informatics

On September 15, the Working Group on Neurocritical Care Informatics held its second annual meeting in National Harbor, Maryland. 

The meeting focused on creating a “Sustainable Neuroinformatics Ecosphere”. The Ecosphere is the proposed web of connected monitors, data sources, medical records, repositories, and analytic tools that enhance patient management. Sustainability comes from the use of standards for “data pathways” and archive formats so that this ecosphere does not remain in just a few academic institutions. 

Speakers included FDA representative Linda Ricci, who talked about their digital health initiative, and Dr. Jose Salinas from the US Army Institute for Surgical Research. Dr. Claude Hemphill (San Francisco) and Dr. Emanuela Keller (Zurich) described their “ICU of the Future” projects and other speakers described progress in applications that make the ICU a smarter environment. The meeting was sponsored by Moberg ICU Solutions and IBM.  

See the organization’s website for more information:


Sep 30, 2016:  Montreal
Oct 20-21, 2016:  Chicago
orld of Watson 2016
Oct. 24-27, 2016: Las Vegas
Nov. 14-17, 2016: Düsseldorf
Dec. 2-6, 2016: Houston

Papers of Interest

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Dreier, J. P., Fabricius, M., Ayata, C., Sakowitz, O. W., William Shuttleworth, C., Dohmen, C., . . . Hartings, J. A. (2016). Recording, analysis, and interpretation of spreading depolarizations in neurointensive care: Review and recommendations of the COSBID research group. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab.


The Practice of Neurocritical Care Textbook

The Practice of Neurocritical Care, by the Neurocritical Care Society represents a new approach to medical textbooks. This book includes a range of topics, many of which have been discussed at prior Neurocritical Care Society annual meetings, with current and expanded content, tables, figures, and critical references.

This offering is authored and published exclusively by physician, nursing, and pharmacy leaders in the field who represent the Neurocritical Care Society, the first and largest multidisciplinary international medical society focused on neurocritical care. This textbook can be used as part of preparation for the neurocritical care certification examination, or for the neurocritical care portion of the boards for neurology, neurosurgery, or other critical care specialties. But beyond this, we believe it is valuable to any practitioner interested in a current update on Neurocritical Care from experts in the field.   

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