Neurocritical Care Informatics, Multimodality Monitoring, and Spreading Depolarizations Research
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Neurocritical Care Informatics

NCS Annual Meeting: Tuesday, October 6

The newly formed Working Group on Neurocritical Care Informatics will hold its inaugural meeting during the Neurocritical Care Society (NCS) pre-meeting session. The goal of the Working Group is to facilitate the creation of a connected and interoperable environment, which has proposed benefits including precision medicine, decision support, patient safety, cost reductions, and cost-efficient clinical trials. During its first meeting, the Working Group will focus on identifying and overcoming key challenges in neuroinformatics.

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Clinical Application of Microdialysis and Multimodality Monitoring 

Westchester Medical Center: September 10-11

Learn state-of-the-art monitoring technologies and techniques for patients with severe brain injury. Interactive discussion and hands-on sessions explore practical applications of the techniques. For instance, Westchester Medical Center uses Moberg CNS Monitors to integrate and display multimodal data, such as ICP, PbtO2, EEG, microdialysis, NIRS, and vital signs.
The symposium highlights how advanced multimodality neuromonitoring can be used to identify potential interventions and personalize care.  
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Spreading Depolarization Monitoring 

COSBID Meeting: September 9-11

CNS Monitor SD Recording
Presently, more than 12 hospitals in Europe and the United States monitor spreading depolarizations (SD) in brain injury patients for research and clinical purposes. Many SD researchers use the Moberg CNS Monitor to record and display spreading depolarizations alongside multimodal ICU data.
During the 2015 COSBID Meeting, researchers will share cases involving spreading depolarizations and multimodal data recorded with the Moberg CNS Monitor.  
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(Image courtesy of Jed Hartings, PhD.)

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