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First "Smart Neuro ICU" Promises Improved Care

Groundbreaking decision support technology for neurocritical care

Advanced medical technology called the “Smart Neuro ICU” promises improved quality of care for patients with neurological injuries. The first Smart Neuro ICU is currently under development at the University Hospital Zurich, where a team of doctors and scientists just gave the initial demonstration of their groundbreaking work.

Similar to other “smart” technologies (phone, car, house), the Smart Neuro ICU will seamlessly collect and integrate data and make it available to apps for decision support, analytics, visualization, and workflow optimization.

Under the direction of Dr. Emanuela Keller, a team at University Hospital Zurich has developed a clinical decision support system called The ICU Cockpit, which assists doctors with the treatment and management of critically ill neurological patients...

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More Multimodal Data and Improved EEG Display 

New CNS Monitor software provides advanced features

You asked for improvements and we heard you. Here are just a few of the enhancements we made recently:
  • Improved EEG display
  • Data collection from Edwards Vigileo, BIS monitor, CASMED Fore-Sight Elite, and Arctic Sun Model 2000
  •  Quicker, more efficient Event Marking
  • ... and more
Want to see the full list of new software features? 
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Neurocritical Care Monitoring
Chad M. Miller MD
Traumatic Brain Injury
Pieter Vos, Ramon Diaz-Arrastia
Clinical Neurophysiology in Disorders of Consciousness: Brain Function Monitoring in the ICU and Beyond 
Andrea O. Rossetti, Steven Laureys

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