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April 2012 Vol. 3 No. 2
This issue of The Neuroscience Monitor, provides you with news, events, publications, and education opportunities in the field neurocritical care.
Seattle to Welcome Neuroscience Nurses      
The final weekend in April, Seattle will welcome neuroscience nurses from around the world for the 44th Annaul Educational Meeting of the American Association of Neuroscience Nurses.

The meeting includes exciting new sessions like the pre-conference workshop on neuromonitoring simuation which will feature the CNS Monitor, Bowman Perfusion Monitor, NeurOptics Pupillometer, Mdialysis Cerebral Monitoring System, Innerspace Hummingbird and Integra Licox.

Several highly regarded professionals will lead the neuromonitoring simulation workshop --  Twyila Lay, MS ACNP, Cindy Sullivan, MN RN ANP-C CNRN, Linda R. Littlejohns, MSN RN CCRN CNRN FAAN, Karen March, MN RN CCRN CNRN, Tracey Berlin, RN BSN CCRN CNRN, Sandy Cecil, RN BA, and DaiWai Olson, PhD RN, CCRN -- m any of whom have received honors for their work in neuroscience. During the meeting, Tracey Berlin, RN BSN CCRN CNRN, will recieve the award for 2012 Excellence in Neuroscience Nursing Education. To this esteemed colleague, we extend our sincerest congratulations.
Upcoming Events for 2012
We hope to see you there!
American Association of Neuroscience Nurses in Seattle, WA
     April 28 - May 1

Second Neurocritical Care Research Conference* in Houston, TX
     * Our founder, Dick Moberg, will give a talk on multimodal monitoring at this meeting!
     May 18 - 19
New York Symposium on Neurological Emergencies & Neurocritical Care in New York
     June 13 - 14
Neurotrauma 2012 in Phoenix, AZ 
     July 23 - 25

The Utility of EEG, SSEP, and Other Neurophysiologic Tools to Guide Neurocritical Care.
Rosenthal ES.
Neurotherapeutics. 2012 Jan;9(1):24-36. 

Multimodal brain monitoring reduces major neurologic complications in cardiac surgery.
Zanatta P, Benvenuti SM, Bosco E, Baldanzi F, Palomba D, Valfrè C.

J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth. 2011 Dec;25(6):1076-85.

Multimodal Neuromonitoring in a Patient with Aneurysmal Subarachnoid Hemorrhage Associated with Aortic Coarctation.
Helbok R, Beer R, Chemelli A, Sohm F, Broessner G, Lackner P, Sojer M, Pfausler B, Thomé C, Schmutzhard E.
Neurocrit Care. 2011 Jun;14(3):433-7. 

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Neurocrit Care. 2011 Apr;14(2):162-7. 
Cerebral Vasospasm: Neurovascular Events After Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (Acta Neurochirurgica Supplementum)
Mario Zuccarello, Joseph F. Clark, Gail Pyne-Geithman, and Norberto Andaluz
August 14, 2012
Emergency Management in Neurocritical Care (NIP- Neurology in Practice)
Edited by Edward Manno
May 29, 2012
The NeuroICU Book
Kiwon Lee
April 19, 2012
Essentials of Neurosurgical Anesthesia & Critical Care: Strategies for Prevention, Early Detection, and Successful Management of Perioperative Complications (Lecture Notes in Mathematics; 751)
Edited by Ansgar M. Brambrink and Jeffrey R. Kirsch
December 22, 2011

Core Topics in Neuroanaesthesia and Neurointensive Care
Edited by Basil F. Matta, David K. Menon and Martin Smith
November 28, 2011

* This book includes a chapter by our founder, Dick Moberg!

Continuing Education from Moberg Multimedia
Available at and

Moberg Multimedia's Brain Monitoring: Interactive Education Suite courses offer continuing education opportunities for nurses and EEG technologists.  EEG Electrode Technology is designed for those who would benefit from a basic knowledge of EEG and EEG electrode technology and offers contact hours to nurses. Normal Neonatal EEG covers interpretation of the normal neonatal EEG and identification of differences in EEG elements and patterns among age groups and offers nursing and ASET continuing education credits. 
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