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December 2011 Vol. 2 No. 3
Welcome to the EEG Edition of The Neuroscience Monitor!
Here you will find a list upcoming events, recommended publications and books, and an update on our new educational product designed specifically for users of EEG. While we have your attention, we would also like to invite you to our new website, www.cnstechnology.com!
65th Annual American Epilepsy Society Meeting      
CNS Technology will be at the premier meeting for epilepsy and seizure disorders on December 3 - 5 in Baltimore, MD. With researchers and clinicians exploring continuous EEG and the benefits of monitoring critical care patients, we are anxious to join an important conversation about the place of EEG in the ICU. We look forward to sharing our knowledge of the unique needs of intensive care for EEG monitoring.

Visit us at booth 903!
Upcoming Events for 2012
ICU of the Future at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA
January 19 - 20

International Stroke Conference 2012
in New Orleans, LA
February 1 - 3

Society of Critical Care Medicine in Houston, TX
February 5 - 7
Status Epilepticus–Induced Hyperemia and Brain Tissue Hypoxia After Cardiac Arrest
Sang-Bae Ko, MD, PhD; Santiago Ortega-Gutierrez, MD; H. Alex Choi, MD; Jan Claassen, MD, PhD; Mary Presciutti, RN; J. Michael Schmidt, PhD; Neeraj Badjatia, MD, MS; Kiwon Lee, MD; Stephan A. Mayer, MD
Archives of Neurology. 2011;68(10):1323-1326.

Limitations of Threshold-Based Brain Oxygen Monitoring for Seizure Detection
Soojin Park, Alexander Roederer, Ram Mani, Sarah Schmitt, Peter D. LeRoux, Lyle H. Ungar, Insup Lee and Scott E. Kasner

Neurocritical Care. 2011 Apr; 15(3):469-476.

Continuous video-EEG monitoring in pediatric intensive care units
Williams, Korwyn; Jarrar, Randa; Buchhalter, Jeffrey
Epilepsia. 2011 Apr; 52(6):1130-1136.

Continuous electroencephalography in the medical intensive care unit
Oddo, Mauro MD; Carrera, Emmanuel MD; Claassen, Jan MD; Mayer, Stephan A. MD; Hirsch, Lawrence J. MD
Critical Care Medicine. 2009 Jun;37(6):2051-2056.

Quantitative EEG analysis for automated detection of nonconvulsive seizures in intensive care units
Sackellares, J. Chris; Shiau, Deng-Shan; Halford, Jonathon J.; LaRoche, Suzette M. ; Kelly, Kevin M.
Epilepsy & Behavior. 2011 Nov. doi:10.1016/j.yebeh.2011.08.028
      Core Topics in Neuroanaesthesia and Neurointensive Care
     Edited by Basil F. Matta, David K. Menon and Martin Smith
     November 28, 2011

* This book includes a chapter by our founder, Dick Moberg!
  Atlas of EEG in Critical Care
   Lawrence Hirsch, MD
   March 9, 2010
Seizures in Critical Care: A Guide to Diagnosis and Therapeutics (Current Clinical Neurology)
Panayiotis Varelas, MD
January 12, 2010
Epilepsy and Intensive Care Monitoring: Principles and Practice
Bruce Fisch, MD
October 23, 2009
EEG Electrode Technology from Moberg Multimedia
Available for $98 at the Annual AES Meeting and at www.mobergmultimedia.com

A new program joins the family of Brain Monitoring Interactive Education Suite courses offered by Moberg Multimedia. EEG Electrode Technology is designed for those who would benefit from a basic knowledge of EEG and EEG electrode technology. This course gives a basic overview of EEG, common EEG montages, how to measure and mark a patient's head for electrodes, the types and applications of electrodes, and a process for checking for reliable EEG signals.

After this course, you will be able to:
  • Discuss the team approach to neuromonitoring
  • Describe the International 10-20 System
  • Identify 21 standard electrode positions
  • Identify types of electrodes
  • Recognize bipolar and referential montages
  • Recognize procedures for applying electrodes and troubleshooting signals
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